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From the left, Turculet Chiril, Vladimir and Radu
The Turculet family is working hard to surprise you with it's unique wines.

Let's get acquainted!

We are a team of inspired professionals who are committed to achieving perfection though passion, love and dedication. Euphoria is a business project of a whole family of winemakers, created to surprise wine appreciators and critics. Bringing together decades of experience, the latest technology and the insatiable desire to achieve perfection we created a wine that is intended to delight you. We believe that wine is created to be enjoyed to the height of the noble pleasure and not be argued. As a result, we created this liqueur, which would not invoke other feelings other than the pure pleasure, full of refinement!

Te wine production company "EverVin" SRL is appreciated and loved well beyond the borders of the Republic of Moldova. Our wines are being enjoyed in countries like Great Britain, Germany, Romania and others. 

“EverVin” SRL earlier known as “Plus-Asconi” SRL was foundated in 1995. The modern enterprise is located on the territory of Suruceni village which is known as a microdistrict in the central forest area of Moldova, which is ideal for the red and white wines production. . The factory is equipped with the most advanced technological equipment of processing production and bottling of high-quality wines. “EverVin” wine production begins with the cultivation of grapes, then the grapes are processed and finally the wine is poured into bottles of different configurations as the standard as and exclusive designs.

Our production hasa great assortment of dry, semi-dry, semisweet, fortified, desert, vintage and collection wines.The factory is equipped with a specialized, accredited laboratory for testing and qualifying wines.

Our production potential:
-the departament of processing the grapes with a productivity of 10000 tons of grapes in a year;
-the departamentof primary processing of wine that includes: full technological cycle produced at the highest level, to provide high-quality of wines of international standards;
-two automated lines of bottling - 3000 bottles per hour and 5000 bottles per hour;
-the department for the finished product has an area of 252 square metres;
-professionally equipped laboratory according to the highest modern technology requirements and purchased Standards; 

All the processing equipment is purchased from the most known Italian, German and French enterprises.

Starting from 2005, it has developed and implemented a system management quality in accordance with the requirements standart ISO 9001:2000, and then ISO 9001:2008 which is supported by and at the moment of accreditation bodies UKAS (YARSLEY), from Great Britain.

250 hectares of vineyards elite European varieties located in one of the best area of Moldova belong to company “EverVin.”

The natural resources, the experienced skilful masters and the achievements of the modern technology allow our company to maintain the highest quality of the best drinks of all times. 

Our beliefs:

-The new technology and high quality product are attained through the full control of production process beginning with the cluster of grapes and ending with the bottling and packing.

-The wish of the client represents the main purpose of our production. Our company deals not only with the processing of wine material and customized wines, but also manufacturing of any labels and bottles wished by the client.
Our wine represents our business card that tells our story about winemaking. 

“EverVin” - For those who seek special wines!


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