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The Russian Federation embargo can't stop Moldavian wine producers to make the best wine in East Europe, and canot stop our people produce a high quality wine. We have no doubt  that the wine is good, but some state officials can not reach a consensus ...

In the beginning of 2008, as a result of the  competition "100&1 - THE BEST MOLDAVIAN WINES - 2008" , our wine MERLOT, natural red dry, a crop of 2003, has been brought in the first edition of the catalogue of the best Moldavian wine...

For  2 days, In Moldova  took place the  two-day festivals dedicated  to " National -Wine Day 2008 " which  purpose  was to present  the country's   century traditions  that raise the image of Moldova which  serves in wine gro...

13.02.2008 | Prodexpo 2008 Moscow

The company " EverVin "Ltd takes part in the  15-th international exhibition of articles of food and raw materias for it's production - «Prodexpo-2008», Moscow.«Prodexpo» is recognized  in Russia as well as  in the countries of the East Europ...

On 6th of  February 2006,  the company management “ Plus Asconi ” took   the decision to change the name of “ Plus Asconi ”Ltd  into  “ Ever Vin “Ltd. This decision was accepted depending on some factors:Introduction of system of a quality management ...

In 2005, in our company, was developed and introduced  the system of the  quality management according to  the requirements of standard ISΠ9001:2005 . Audit was foreknowledge companies SJS - the global leader in the field of inspections,  control,...

MERLOT 2003 New
Color: Red
Grade of Grapes: Merlot
Type: Dry vintage

Color: Red
Grade of grapes: Cabernet
Òype: Dry vintage

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