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Join us on the Odisey of the noble pleasure!

Euphoria is the condition that manifests itself in a feeling of good mood, optimism, a sense of bliss. It is the feeling in which every one of us is looking and without whom our lives would be deserted.

The legend says that by going through the island of Naxos, the god Dionis discovered an unknown plant that he took with himself and planted it once reached Olimp. This is how the first vine came from the fruit of which he made the first wine, with which Dionis also spoiled the Hellenic people, inducing their supreme state of Euphory. Thus wine was dubbed the drink of the gods about which the poets of the ancient world also wrote a multitude of songs and poems.

Euphoria is the perfect drink that gives this supreme feeling to an hour of relaxation, rest, party, along with loved ones. All these euphoric states of mind are at the height of our creation - Euphoria.

The enchanting state of Euphoria is also reflected in the brand's slogan - "Odyssey of Pleasure". In many langua…

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